Remembrancer, n.
One who, or that which, serves to bring to, or keep in, mind; a memento; a memorial; a reminder.

Over the first four weeks of the exhibition, three networked machines with robotic painters will deposit paint little-by-little on three panels. The amount of paint placed at a given moment shall be controlled by a computer program that will be interpreting data from gallery-installed sensors and from Internet sources. Along with the daily changing accumulation of paint, a field of sound will be similarly generated in response to the same data. The completed work--an accretion of overlapping monochrome fields of color and sound--will be exhibited over the last two weeks of the exhibition. The machine-mediated process provokes questions of authorship and translation.

Remembrancer confronts the loss inherent in transformation, the distortions introduced by the medium onto which--and the assumptions in effect when--memory is transcribed, the inevitable simplification of phenomena that accompanies acts of observation, and the spacial, temporal and cultural resonance of events.


14 April thru 26 May 2007


Saturday, 14 April
6:30 - 8 pm
in conjunction with the joint ColorField.remix
receptions at the
1515 14th Street Arts Building.


Curator's Office
1515 14th St, NW, #201
Washington DC 20005

gallery hours:

Wednesday thru Saturday
12 - 6
and by appointment




Andrea Pollan


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-- flyer (pdf)

april 2008 Sculpture
-- review by Sarah Tanguy (pdf)


big thanks:

Ken Ashton,
Gareth Branwyn,
Craig Cahoon,
Thomas Edwards,
Brock Emerson,
Sal & Anatole Fiorito,
Steven Funk &
Chris Hamlin-Beight,
the Gaitán families,
James Huckenpahler,
Andrea Hull,
John Maurer,
Tom McGuire,
Breck Brunson,
Byron Peck,
Andrea Pollan,
Jim Sanborn,
Victoria F. Gaitán,
Making Things LLC,
Paul Vinet,
Clifford Wheeler, and
Joe Wills